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Drunvalo Melchizedek and the World Healing Project

Spearheaded by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Bob Dratch, Slim Spurling, and Bill Reid experiments are being conducted involving the use of transitional technology and the Mother Earth/Father Sky Meditation. Drunvalo has stated that in using these methods the environment of the planet can be cleared within a year! That it can be done at all is a profound news. The time frame will depend on many factors.

This technology uses geometric forms embued with sound. (Specifically the Livingness Process tm developed by Bob Dratch).

Drunvalo tells us that the nature of "transitional technology" is such that by using it you eventually won't need it any more and will be able to do what it does without it. He further explains that this technology will wean us from the dependency on technology in general.

Mother Earth has given her blessing and Drunvalo has presented the opportunity and the Call to Participate.Become informed about this technology and learn how you can participate. Treat this information and these tools respectfully. Come together in Love, Reverence and Faith to clear the environment for our Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Drunvalo gave this news in a presentation June 22, 1997 in Pleasanton, CA. I was present at that presentation with my partner, Richard Pirillo. We were profoundly touched and moved by this event. The 4 hour talk seemed to move very quickly for us. Many of those who have listened to the recording of this event have had a similiar experience.

Drunvalo unfolded some basic understandings. Firstly, you and I have become a powerful force in the United States. It has been discovered (by means of a ten year study done for American Demographics) that there is a segment of the population, now being called the Cultural Creatives, that includes 44 million American adults and is growing. This segment includes those who care deeply about our environment (see "A New Paradigm" and "The Emerging Culture")) and crosses many boundaries .. those of race, culture, religion, money, and position. This news was shared to bring strength, inspiration and heart.

Next and very importantly, Drunvalo shared an overview of the Flower of Life, which he believes is an essential prerequisite to appreciate the significance and implications of this technology. He had our full attention and respect during this entire presentation. A transcription of this part of his presentation is being prepared. You may find it different than you are used to, as I will not be giving you navigational links to skip around this lengthy document. I am asking that you read it as presented. This was Drunvalo's prayer and how Spirit moved him.

Realize that many years of research, experimentation and application have gone into this discovery. Every member of the research team has brought something profound into this effort. As a cyber-community, we are being asked to focus on the educational, research, and scientific aspects of this work, as well as the spiritual. In order to keep the doors of the scientific and government channels open.. Please be patient while information is being prepared.

The Environmental Clearing Network has been formed. Both grassroots and governmental-backed projects are conducting on-going research and experimentation of environmental clearing using this technology.

Your participation is needed and welcome! Information, tools and workshops are available. Be respectful of the education required to participate.

We ask you to enter into this process with focused attention, Spirit ignited, and heart open in loving consideration.

Drunvalo Melchizedek is best known for teaching Sacred Geometry, the Merkaba and the Flower of Life.

Overview of the Flower of Life. l On-going Flower of Life forum

Tapes of Drunvalo's presentation June 22, 1997, Pleasanton, CA are available. Royalties from sale of these tapes support FOL research. The tapes include the Mother Earth/Father Sky Meditation. Send $33.00 (US) to:

Energetic Channels
2177 Las Positas Ct. Suite K
Livermore, CA 94550
or call Ron Castia at (510) 447-2332

For more information contact:

Flower of Life (602) 996-0900

Drunvalo Melchizedek's own website

Read Drunvalo's new book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Use this link to order your discounted copy from We will receive referral income to support our work at Transformation Network. You have our wholehearted thanks.


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